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March 23, 2018  

Farming the Ocean

March 23, 2018

Is kelp going to be the new kale?  That's what some ocean farmers believe, and it looks like kelp, and other kinds of seaweeds, or sea vegetables, as they are sometimes called, are going to have their moment.  In this coast-to-coast episode of the podcast, we interview seaweed farmers from Maine to California.

Seaweed first made it on the menu as part of a macrobiotic diet, and was popularized by grocers like Erewhon.  That was back in the 1960s, and since then, chefs have caught on, moving seaweed from a mere condiment to the center of the plate. 

Seaweed can be wild harvested, as they do at Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, farmed in the ocean, as they do at Sea Greens Farms and Greenwave, or farmecd in tanks on land, as they do at Monterey Bay Seaweeds.  There are a lot or enviornmental and social positives about seaweed. It restores the ocean, and farming it can provide jobs.  

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